Hello, I'm Cathy!

About Me

My name is Catherine Farren-Price and I have worked as a professional artist, makeup artist and educator for over 30 years. I am equally passionate about art and makeup as the two are closely linked sharing the same elements of color, line, texture, tone and form.

I started my career as an artist/art educator. After 8 years of teaching art I decided I needed to spread my creative wings and so, I enrolled in and completed a makeup course. Shortly after completing my course I started a job in the television industry as a makeup artist on an Australian drama series called "Sons and Daughters". It was there that I learnt all about the television industry and continued to work on television shows for the next 15 years.

My career in makeup also included bridal, fashion, commercials, film and Special Effects. Makeup spans so many areas and provides great opportunities to specialize in one area of interest or to be multi-skilled over a wide range of skill sets.

My focus now is to pass on my extensive knowledge gained over the past 35 years and I am looking forward to interacting with and inspiring the next generation of makeup artists!

My Work